Is your church "plugging holes" or reproducing leaders?

God's hope for the world is the local church. God's people aren't just tasked with being disciples, we're tasked with making disciples. Learn how to reproduce disciples AND leaders in this free eBook from Lifeway Leadership. 

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What You'll Learn

How to move from a "linear" pipeline to a "bent" pipeline (the latter is the one that works.)

How to build a leadership development culture and leadership construct in the context of your church.

How to overcome the 4 most common barriers to leadership multiplication and development. 


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Todd Adkins, the director of Leadership at LifeWay, shares practical ways to create a thriving volunteer ministry by creating a leadership pipeline in your church. 

After serving in various pastoral roles himself as well as consulting churches across the United States, Todd understands what it takes to develop leaders. He also knows what it takes to get a church "unstuck" from developing leaders from within its own walls.